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Our personal trainers are not just fitness professionals.  Many of our trainers have additional degrees either as Registered Nurses, Massage Therapists, Kinesiology Masters, Rehabilitation Specialists, and/or Reiki Therapists.  Individually and together as a team, we create a better working knowledge of the body and mind in bridging the gap between health and fitness.  Our multifaceted team is passionate about combining mainstream and alternative approaches to bring you an integrative fitness program personalized specifically to you!

PRICING: Our prices are not listed because they vary by trainer, session length, and/or package.  Please email or call for price inquiries.

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Owner and Founder of Crossroads Fitness

We MUST be proactive and not reactive with our health!  As a nurse I've seen all too much of the reactive side of health....preventable diseases, medication administration, surgeries, and deconditioned individuals of ALL ages!  Practicing proactive health starts with education!  Having been overweight in the past, and very ill with meningitis in my twenties I am VERY passionate about what I do and I take pride in teaching people how to get healthier! 

Opening Crossroads Fitness has been an incredible journey of finding amazing trainers who share my same passion for health and fitness!  Without a doubt, I highly recommend all those who have joined the team here at Crossroads Fitness!   While I am no longer taking clients, I can still help you get set up with the right personal trainer to take care of your needs.  SEE BELOW! 



Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Lifecoach, Corrective Exercise and Behavior Change Specialist

With the belief that, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body,” Nas Tarazi has dedicated his life’s work to helping people achieve their fitness goals and has become one of the most sought-after fitness trainers in San Mateo, Hillsborough and Burlingame.  As a kid, Nas grew up lacking confidence and suffered from low self-esteem. Little did he know, that would fuel him to pursue a path of health, fitness, nutrition, and the right mindset to achieve his goals. After adding several certifications and degrees to his name, Nas has decided that he wants to do the same for you! His life’s mission is to get you healthy, happy, and to help you obtain your fitness goals.

*Bachelors in Business Management, San Francisco State University
*Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine
*Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Chek Institute
*Behavior Change Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine
*Corrective Exercise Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine
*TRX Certified
*Russian Kettlebell Certified

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NASM Certified, Group & Bootcamp Instructor, 18+ years in Health & Fitness Industry

At the age of 15, I was first introduced to personal training, when my mom got me setup with a local trainer. At that time I was struggling with my weight and self esteem, and I was ready for a CHANGE. My experience with personal training totally changed my life. In a few months I started looking better, feeling better, had more energy, and a new found confidence. I then knew that it was my calling to help other people change their lives through health and fitness. In 1998, at the age of 19, I became a personal trainer. It has been my passion ever since; to help spread the word of health and fitness throughout the Peninsula and Bay Area. I have trained hundreds of clients ranging from ages10-90, from all walks of life, and goals from weight loss to Sports Performance. It is my objective to get any client I meet to look at health and fitness as a lifestyle; not just something they start every January 1st.  Please contact me to to setup a FREE Fitness Consultation.

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ACSM, NASM, TRX Certified, & Group Instructor

I enjoy working with all populations of people!  I specifically enjoy providing clients with workouts that are functionally based, utilizing multiple tools and props.  My moto, even if it is too hard to get thru the one hour, is just GET IN THERE and do SOMETHING!  We all know that euphoric feeling after a great workout and good sweat!

I also have additional certifications including Fitness Specialist from Cooper Clinic Institute of Aerobic Research, Certificate from Hayward State's Health & Fitness Institute, Powerhouse Mat Pilates, Sports Nutrition, Reebok Core Training, Resist-a-ball Core Training, Body Pump, Johnny G. Spinning, Precision Cycling, Keiser Power Pacing, Turbo Kick, and Gliding!  With YEARS of experience and a diverse background of training, I can customize the perfect workout program for you!


A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor, TRX Qualified, Nutrition/Weight Management

I am dedicated to helping you realize your potential through health and fitness. No matter what your fitness goals may be, or your current health status, I will tailor a program to meet your needs. My priority is to achieve results in a safe and fun environment, while empowering you to take control of your own health. I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years.  I specialize in weight loss, muscle hypertrophy, sports specific training, core stabilization, and the correction of muscle imbalances, which result from daily activities.

 In addition to raising my 2 children, my hobbies are running, hiking and designing innovative exercise routines.  I have completed 6 full marathons and dozens of half marathons and 10K’s.

  Of course, nutrition is a vital aspect of any fitness program, I can also assist you in creating a nutritional plan that will work for you.


ACE Dual-Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, PN Certified Nutrition Coach, TRX Suspension Trainer, AK Kettlebell Level 1, Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness

Whether your goal is to get stronger and leaner, get back into fitness after illness or injury, or take on a new physical challenge, the journey starts with a single step. Let me show you how the right exercise, food and flexibilty program can change your life.

I have have 12 years experience as a personal trainer; I worked as a senior level trainer at one of the top fitness clubs in the country for 10 years before heading out on my own. In addition to personal training, I love to share my passion for cutting-edge healthy food (check out my Instagram page @mytrainerkim) and am the co-founder/former owner of PureFood, an organic meal delivery service in NY.  

Mobility and flexibility are also a big part of the fitness equation. I am trained in Trigger Point Therapy and am a huge proponent of regular self-myofascial release for better performance and muscle recovery, injury prevention, and relief from chronic pain.

I invite you to get in touch for a free  You’ll be so glad you did.

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BS Biochemistry & Biology, MS Pharmacology & Physiology, Z-Health Performance Master Trainer, Medical Exercise Specialist, FMS, Reposturing Practitioner, Russian Kettlebells level 1 and 2.

My personal training approach is a combination of my background in biomedical sciences and education and my passion for science of the human body, especially in the area of the human brain.?I empower my clients to get back in control of their own body movement in their daily life activities, sports, strength development, or any fitness goals they set for themselves. The human brain is in control of all body movements, therefore I use specific dynamic joint mobility drills, nerve glides, breathing exercises among many other techniques to stimulate my clients’ brain and complete nervous system to rapidly ‘debug’ their body movement patterns. Once the brain ‘takes the breaks off the body movement”, my clients achieve rapid improvement in their athletic performance, pain relief, injury prevention, strength and mindset.

My client’s physical and mental health is the result of the influence of many factors like strength, stamina, sustenance, motivation, flexibility, environment, etc. My training is integrative and holistic in nature because I coach my clients to change their body, mind and their personal environment not just the hours they train with me, but I also inspire them to keep working on their own during their time away from the gym.

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ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, Pilates Apparatus & Mat Certified, 200hr Registered Yoga Instructor, TRX Suspension Certified, Dance Fitness

My favorite clients are those who are willing to understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and are motivated to work hard to achieve and/or maintain it. My goal is to guide them by teaching safe and effective exercises to maximize their workouts as they work towards their individual goals. Fitness is a lifestyle. I believe that alternating workout routines inside and outside of the gym help prevent boredom. I enjoy bike riding, yoga, dancing, walking my dogs, weight lifting, to name a few. For the general healthy population, cross training is key to achieve better results and fewer injuries. I recommend varying activities between aerobic conditioning, strength training, balance, and flexibility. Mix it up in a way that will increase your performance and overall fitness without stressing your body to the max. The most important thing is to make sure that fitness is a priority in your life, be consistent, and have fun!

For more information on training with me, please visit my personal website at:


ACSM: Certified Exercise Physiologist, PN: Precision Nutrition, AFAA: Group Exercise Instructor 

My goal as a Personal Fitness Trainer has always been to teach my clients to take charge of their health, to empower them to reach their goals, and to encourage them to set new ones.  Fitness belongs at every stage of life.  I am honored to earn the trust of my clients and to be part of their journey into one of the best endeavors of their lives.

I do this by really listening carefully to what my clients' goals, conditions and obstacles are and by asking lots of questions.  I take a holistic approach in researching, planning and developing programs for my clients that meet their objectives and goals.  We always work toward the goals of becoming more functional in daily lifethat sets the path for an active, high quality lifestyle. 

Because there is a direct relationship between nutritional intake and health, it's subject I have studied in depth, certified and currently in a year-long program learning more.  It's crucial to know how to nourish our bodies while balancing caloric intake.  Nutrition is the partner to exercise and the key to an energetic and healhty life.  

For more information on training with me, please visit my personal website at:



I make my clients fitness goals my #1 priority. I can assess your current level of ability, and create a custom plan based on your goals.
I enjoy helping my clients loose weight, develop strength, and build muscle. All of my clients report they feel better, have less aches an pains and love the way they are starting to look.
My goal as your trainer is to help you feel better, look better, and develop the psyique you've always wanted.




The athlete in me wanted to help increase performance in other humans, so my passion to train and unleash the best in homosapiens. As years passed, I wanted to give more, so my personal training journey began, and the voyage ignited with city sports. I helped numerous clients reach their fitness goals and my talent for showing results became noticed. Few months later I broadened my wings along the journey with Equinox. In its stadium I learned to strengthened my craft and my training skills escalated to legendary heights. I perfected the craft with more fitness education and freelanced my therapeutic skills to create a unique style. The Wisdom attained equipped with diverse knowledge bonded in principles gave birth to my journey to establish bodybytai. My zeal for health and fitness lead me to assisting my clients to reach unique stardom with their fitness goals.


MS Psychology: Behavior Modification & Motivational Theory, ACSM Certified, Youth Fitness Trainer, Bootcamp & Group Fitness, Senior Health & Wellness Specialist, Weight Mgmt & Nutritional Counseling. Published Author. 

Our health is about more than just “working out.” Through my own experience of being bullied because of cerebral palsy as a child I learned that fitness can overcome any physical debilitation. While struggling with body image issues when I was 100lbs overweight I experienced the psychological and emotional power of nutritional wellness. During my seven years of working as a firefighter, I learned the life or death importance of being fit, strong, flexible, balanced, and emotionally under control regardless of the physical demands being placed on the body. In my career as a Personal Trainer, I have been trained and educated at the highest level proven through evidence based research. All of these experiences as well as my education in behavior change and motivation have served to enhance my already ingrained desire to serve and help others in their mission to discover their greatest potential.

I look forward to teaming up with you on your own journey as we seek to find our best selves. Contact me at for information regarding my individualized fitness assessment, program design, and complimentary session.